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Listen to this episode from The Upper Hand on Spotify. In this IMC Chicago special, we’re going to learn ways to sharpen your mind, impress your friends with quick mental math skills, and even possibly, improve your memory. Sounds like a big challenge… but it’s not when you have an actual human calculator in the studio. His name is Mike Byster and he is known nationwide for his fast mental math abilities. His life’s mission is to teach people, “the power of the mind,” and showcase that our brain

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ROCKTON, Ill. (WTVO) — A stateline robotics team from Hononegah High School helped customize a motorized chair for Jackson Hughes, a seven-year-old living with Cerebral Palsy.

The chair helps Jack, a student at Rockton Elementary school, move independently for the first time ever.

“His movement has been really restricted, and this car gives him the ability to move in a way that he’s never done before,” said Michelle Hughes, his mother.

After months of work, Stateline Robotics Team 4655, made

News Article: Education

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SAN DIEGO – Receiving an additional year of education could increase IQ scores by up to five points – with results lasting for the remainder of an individual’s life, according to a new study.

The study by the University of Edinburgh and University of Texas showed a clear correlation between the amount of time spent in school and final IQ te

Magazine Article: The changing landscape of the cannabis industry

An armed security guard donning a bullet-proof vest informs the growing crowd outside to line up single file against a brick wall, IDs ready, as electronic music plays from a speaker next to a table of merchandise stamped with a signature green leaf.

These people eagerly wait in line to legally purchase medical, and/or recreational marijuana.

Inside the dispensary, the waiting room is sparkling clean with iPads for sign-ins, flat screen televisions and a separate consultation area for those wh
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